Sunday, January 14, 2018

New Years Eve and a little winter fun

For New Years we have started the tradition of eating bad food and then having a picnic on the floor after dinner with popcorn and other treats.  The boys love it.  This year we watched the Australian countdown before the boys had to go to bed.  Tony tried to wake up in time for the ball drop, but was about 15 minutes late.  Last year Alex did it, so he must have been trying to make it fair.  The next weekend Vince had sled hockey in Grand Rapids and we also had nice enough weather to play out side.  All of Christmas break was so cold!  It was around 0 everyday and many days the wind chill was below 0, so we had a lot of inside time. 

 Square Pizza
 Onion Rings
 Meatballs.  They were really good.  Vince got me an instapot for Christmas and it really is fast and the food has all turned out good so far.
 Alex snuck out of his pjs while I was changing his diaper and did not want to put them back on.


 Happy New Year
 Tony just wanted to be part of the fun
 Sled Hockey
The snow was not snowman snow, but we still were able to make snowballs and snow angels.  The littles even kept on their gloves.

Christmas Part 2

The day after Christmas we went up north to see my family.  We spent two nights up there and it was very nice.  The drive up was a little questionable with the weather, but we made it.  The drive home was good.  We decided to stay at a hotel because we had not for the Stroll N Roll Christmas party and the boys had really wanted to swim.  We got to see my family, Jesi and Brighton, and Larry.  The day after we came home Amy and Eric came over to visit and they brought the boys some wonderful gifts too.  Our Christmas was great this year, we loved seeing everyone and getting to spent time with them.

The Coors family

 They love balls!

Alex thought the nice bottle was his :)

Pool time

 Amy and Eric came over after Christmas and brought some beautiful gifts for the boys.  I am always blown away by Eric's talent!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Christmas Part 1

I am going to split up the Christmas post.  Our goal each year is to be home on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  They boys enjoy being home and getting to play with their toys.  Christmas Eve we have a nice early dinner, this year it was, chicken with noodles, steak, crab, and baked potatoes.  I think we had salad too.  The boys get to pick what they want and that is what we get.  Vince was talking about lobster a few weeks after Christmas, so I wonder if that is what he will pick next year. :)  This year Ralph, Jan, and Chris came over on Christmas Eve for dinner and presents.  After dinner Nick and I took the big boys to Church.  It was a snowy night, very Christmas feeling.  The last couple of years we have not had snow on Christmas.  Once we got home we opened up presents from Jan, Ralph, and Chris and then we opened presents to each other a little later.  We split it up so the kids dont lose interest in what is going on.  Everyone had a nice time.  Everyone was excited for Santa to bring his presents.  Vince came down at about 11pm, and then the babies woke up at around 12:30.  They will wake up sometimes (Tony all the time) but they go right back to sleep.  They did not that night.  They ended up being awake for quite a while and ate some snacks while we waited for Santa to get to our house.  Luckily everyone slept in until around 7:30am.  We came down the stairs and sure enough, Santa had been here.  It was very exciting.  After we opened presents we had a nice breakfast and played some more.  That night we packed up and left the next morning for Traverse.

 Dinner was yummy

 Vince got some good presents
 Chris got shots, so naturally they had to be taken :)
 Vince got a chrome book
The littles were more excited about the juice boxes than the presents at first
 Tony took a liking to Chris this year
 Dominic was so excited for everything this year.  It was really fun to watch
 The twins got into it after a little while
 Matching jammies 

 Getting Santa's treats ready, chocolate milk and cookies this year

 Snack time very late at night
 Christmas morning

 The big boys got scooters