Friday, August 11, 2017

4th of July and the rest of Vacation

Here are some pictures of our 4th of July fun!

 I bought the littles big boy shirts and not onsies for the 4th.  That will not happen again for a while.  They are a little to handsy with themselves.  The bigs did not stick their hands down their diaper nearly as much as these two do! 

 Throwing rocks
 Water fun

 We tried to get a family picture at first, but as you can see, it did not work out :)
Dinner time

Later we got a nice family picture

 Out for a walk and we found this neat dock over the river
 Being that we stay at a golf resort when we go up north, we had to go hit a few balls too.  

 I think it was the littles favorite thing that we did, they loved it!

We got a couple more nice pictures while we were up north

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Every year we take a vacation up north to Shanty Creek and this year we decided to do 10 days.  In hind sight, it may have been a little longer than we should have done with two one year olds, but it was still really nice.  We started off by going over to Rogers City for a Bellmore family reunion and then the next day we went into Traverse City for the air show and Brighton's 2nd birthday.  It was busy, but fun.  We had a couple of days to relax and then we went to a Beach Bums game on Thursday.  We went swimming, took walks, and played a little baseball too.  On the 4th of July we went to Torch Lake and spent the day swimming and throwing rocks.  We love our time up north and look forward to it all year long!

There was the reunion first, then there was a surprise graduation party for Nick's cousin Annie.  It was out at her dad's families cottage on a lake.  It was very nice. 

Big sand pile to play in
Sisters with their twin grandchildren
 Picnic while waiting for the air show

All of the boys wore their earphones and they worked great!

 They fell asleep right before the Thunderbird.  They woke up pretty quick into it.

 Shanty Creek
Running up and down the big hill at Summit (Shanty Creek)

It is so pretty up north!
Beach Bums
Alex was sleeping when we got there.  He woke up pretty quick into the game/


Monday, August 7, 2017

More June

Here is a little more of our June.

End of school field day.  I was not able to go this year, but his teacher sent me these pics!

 End of school picnic 
 My boss put together a last day of school baseball outing at the Lugnuts, the boys had a great time
 Tony and Vince are our sports fanatics!
 They are trouble out in public, they like to run in different directions
 So, on the way home from the game we got a flat tire.  The boys will always remember the last day of school for 2017.  We ended up having to call a tow truck, but he was great and the boys thought that was pretty cool.
 Nick walked down the street to a gas station and got snacks to help pass the time.  It was a good little adventure.
 Fathers Day.  We did not do a whole lot, but got to spend the day together.
 The littles went through a week of refusing to go to bed at night, so we had sweeping parties.  I am pretty sure it was due to getting eye teeth.
 This falls into the parenting win category, the littles were getting antsy waiting for our food at a restaurant so we broke out the jelly packets and let them dig in. :)
 Grandma and Grandpa Santini got the bigs pup pads!  So cool!
 The littles new shoes came and they did not care about the shoes, but really liked the boxes.

 T-ball and coaches pitch
 We did baseball in Potterville this year because it was closest to our house and it was great.  The boys played and practiced at the same time on Mondays and Wednesday on fields next to each other, so it was perfect.

I love timehop on facebook.  This picture popped up, so I had to take the same picture a year later.  I will try to remember to do it next year too.

 Alex found my lunch bag and I had chocolate in it.  He tried it.  He now goes after our lunch bags because a couple weeks later he found a Little Debbie snack in Nick's lunch bag.

 A little morning love

 Even though they passed the one year mark, we still have been doing the bathroom pics on their month birthday.