Friday, October 27, 2017

Getting Ready for School

School started early this year.  Charlotte started on August 21st and Olivet on August 28th.  We let the boys pick a few things to do before school started.

 We take a lot of selfies lately because the babies love to see themselves on our phones.

 We got a superman cape from our friend and Tony wanted to wear it, after the first time, he did not want to wear it anymore
 As Dominic's last thing before summer ended, he wanted to make Christmas cookies.

 The boys all helped me at school too.
 Dominic drew me a very nice picture too.
 First day of DK for Dominic
 While I was taking Dominic's picture, the other boys wanted to get in on the action.

 Vince's first day

 Their favorite new show is Bubble Guppies.  They all enjoy watching it.

Nautical Festival

As always, we go up north to Rogers City for Nautical Festival.  It is always fun and the kids get a lot of candy! 

 Just because they are cute
 Packing is so fun with little's
 Headed up north

 The parade

 After the parade we took the big boys to the carnival, they got to ride a few rides and they got to eat some sweet treats. 

 We also went to the beach.  The water was cold, but so pretty.

Happy 10 years!

Nick and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary on July 21st.  We went out to dinner the night of our anniversary and then we did something we have not done in 5 years, except to have the babies.  We went away for the night!  We went to Grand Rapids and checked out a few places that we used to go to when we lived there.  It was very nice and strange at the same time. :)  Ralph and Jan held down the fort and did a great job.  I am not sure they got much sleep, but at least they could go home and take a nap the next day.

 Our gifts to each other.  We think alike.
 My dress still fits :)

 First stop in Grand Rapids
 We saw a wedding party on the bridge.  It was cute.
 Complimentary Champagne at one of our stops

 The brewer that we used to work with brews beer at The Bob now.  It was really good.
 We walked through The Amway Hotel.  It is always beautiful.

 Our last stop ended up having a live band.  They were really good!

Dominic's Birthday

Dominic turned 5 in July and that was a very fast 5 years!  He is an amazing kid, with a ton of energy!  He loves lego's, paw patrol, blaze and the monster machines, baseball, soccer, football, and everything boy!  He is a great big brother and loves his brothers very much.  He and Vince have become very good buddies too!

 Dominic picked a football cake this year

 They wanted to dress up on his birthday, I would say that maybe the costumes are a little too small :)
 The day after his birthday we went to Chucky Cheese.  They all loved it :)