Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Christmas Part 2

Here are the rest of the Christmas pictures.  Presents and Cookies :)

 The babies did not quite get the idea of opening presents, they just wanted to eat them.

 The boys got basketball and hockey tickets, so we got them jersey's too

 Drums and a Guitar too!

Christmas Part 1

We had a great Christmas this year!  It was the first one for the babies and although they really did not get what was going on, it was fun.  Everyone got lots of stuff and we got to spend time with family.  With Jan and Ralph living in Charlotte, we saw them on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Uncle Chris came over too.  My parents came down a couple days later and stayed for a couple of days with Uncle David.

 Christmas Eve

 Tony was not quite having it :)
 Matching Jamies.  The boys loved it!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Random December Things

December is always a busy month and we always try to pack in as much as we can.  This we really did, but I will go into that later on.  Here are a few pictures of our events for the month.

 Rice Crispy Gingerbread houses

The boys have been earning dollars for having good days at school and home and they earned enough to get their football jersey's right before Christmas.
 Our tiny elfs

 They started crawling the day we put up the Christmas tree.  I guess they just needed a little incentive :)
 Dominic lays out his outfits sometimes
 They pretty much follow each other around all the time
 You have to watch where you are walking now, because they go everywhere
 Vince dressed himself
 Outside fun
 They built a fort and Tony wanted to join in
 We ran into Santa in Walmart

Following Dominic around.  They love their big brothers!