Saturday, February 4, 2017


This year for Thanksgiving we stayed home and it was very nice.  Ralph and Jan offered to cook the big part of the meal and we only had to do some simple sides!  Everything was so tasty too.  Uncle Chris was here and Lisa and Kevin (my dad's cousin) came as well.  We saw my parents and brother a couple weekends before which was nice too.

 Uncle Chris with the babies

 Uncle Chris and the big boys.
 I found a Thanksgiving coloring table cloth and fun plates on clearance the day before Thanksgiving!  They also had all of there Christmas stuff out.

The cooks.

 Good food.

 The Santini Men

Tooth and random pictures of the family :)

Vince lost his first top tooth this fall!  His tooth was wiggly for a very long time and it finally came out when he bit into an apple.  We got the big boys school pictures from school and they turned out so nice.

 1st grade
Missing tooth.
 Wearing jeans for the first time :)
Babies in jeans are so cute!


Halloween, Birthdays, and Eating food

The big boys picked out their Halloween costumes early this year.  I think they picked them out in September, so they were pretty excited for a while leading up to the event.  Dominic was AJ from Blaze and the Monster Machines and Vince was a police officer.  Because we knew the babies would not be doing "Trick or Treating" we did not go all out on their costumes.  We had them be inmates to go along with Vince's police costume.  They all looked super cute and the big boys got lots of candy.  Nick did take all of the boys out while I stayed home and handed out candy and graded some papers.  I have found this year to be tough to get work done at night because it seems like one of the kids is up at any given time.  I know this phase will pass, so it is not so bad.

Nick and I celebrated our birthdays early in November, turning 37 and 33.  We did not do a whole lot for the actual events, but celebrated with a few little gifts and desserts.

The babies also started to eat baby food in October, and they both took to it very well.  Tony seems to like food better, but Alex enjoys it too.  Alex seemed to reacted a little bit to fruits, so he pretty much ate veggies for the first month.  At this point, they do not seem to bother him.  They really like puffs and baby biscuits too.  We are now introducing them to table food and Tony really likes it!

37 and 7 months old
 Happy birthday! Yes, they are wearing their Christmas pj's already

 The big boys were so excited to feed the little boys

Sunday, December 25, 2016

6th month pictures

The babies turned 6th months old in October and the leafs were still looking nice!  They are both so smiley, so it was not hard to get a good picture of them individually, but one with all 4 boys was a little more difficult!  We did not have their 6th month appointment until they were almost 7 months old, but they weighted in at 16 lbs, 4 oz and 26 1/2 inches for Alex and 18 lbs,4.5 oz and 26 1/2 inches for Tony.  They did ok with their shots, but were not happy about it.  They both had a few teeth at this point and were really starting to roll.  They like to take toys from each other too :).  



 Sweet babies

 These two turned out pretty good.

 Our handsome big boys 
 I dont think they were to sure about the cold grass

 All looking the same direction!
 Vince's tooth was so wiggly